Referring Counsel

You don't have to fight alone.


Case complexities start to bog you down. Resources are running low. Your time could be better spent on other cases. The defense is trying to bury you with motions practice or voluminous discovery.

Cannella Snyder can help

Why refer a case to Cannella Snyder?

Proven Track Record.

It just makes sense. Cannella Snyder lawyers have a proven track record, with over $400 million recovered for clients, in complex catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and federal whistleblower cases.

Spreading Cost Burden.

As every lawyer knows, all cases are not created equal. Some cases require more attention. Some cost more to investigate and support through litigation. By associating with Cannella Snyder, you’ll gain our help and resources.


Few lawyers today are jacks of all trades. Attorneys, like other professionals, specialize and subspecialize. Personal injury clients need a lawyer who has experience both proving liability and working with clients with serious injuries. Cannella Snyder attorneys regularly teach litigation skills workshops and are recognized as experts in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

Long-Term Client Benefits.

When you connect a client with a lawyer who is qualified to handle their case, the client appreciates that you put their needs above your own. That increases your credibility and the likelihood that the client will come back to you for legal help in the future.

How does Cannella Snyder help referring attorneys?

Cannella Snyder attorneys have cut their teeth handling the largest and most complicated types of cases. We handle cases in state and federal trial and appellate courts that take years to win and that require a level of experience in handling larges cases that some other attorneys don’t have.

We try cases. Not every firm does. We are willing and able to enter a case at any stage and prepare it for trial.

This process can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Our firm is well known in Georgia and across the country for handling complicated catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. We have a vast network of expert witnesses across a variety of fields nationwide that we frequently call on to assess, consult, and testify. We can enlist this network for your unique case.

We often litigate against huge, well-known defense firms with seemingly limitless resources. Defense lawyers know us, and we know them. More importantly, we know their defense playbook. By associating Cannella Snyder you can align yourself with respected attorneys with a history of results.

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