At Cannella Snyder, we are committed to representing those impacted by trucking accidents.


Commercial vehicles pose a special threat to others because of their size and weight. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, over 100,000 people are injured or killed every year in wrecks involving tractor-trailers, utility vans, work trucks, and school buses. Our team helps people injured or the families of those killed in trucking wrecks to recover. In 2023, we had the fourth highest trucking settlement nationwide, recovering $19,700,000 for our client (with co-counsel Darren Tobin).

Identifying who is at fault is only the first step in a trucking case.  Your lawyer should know how to fight for all the information in your case, including whether the driver of the truck that hit you was properly trained and supervised, if the driver was drowsy or violating federal law limiting driving hours, if the tractor, trailer, and tires were properly maintained, and if the trucking company or driver has a history of similar accidents or conduct.  These facts can drastically change the value of your case. 

Before you settle, contact a trucking lawyer. If you have been injured in a trucking crash in Georgia, you may get a settlement offer from the insurance company, especially if the truck driver caused the crash. Chances are that the offer will be far less than what you deserve. If you accept that offer, you likely will forfeit your right to pursue full compensation. For this reason, you should contact experienced trucking lawyers as soon as possible. Here at Cannella Snyder, we welcome your call. We will advise you and advocate for you to ensure that you get full compensation.

Case Types

Every trucking case is unique. But some common causes of trucking wrecks include:


Many wrecks occur in the “no-zone” or truck’s blind spots.

Driver Fatigue or Impairments

Truck drivers who are distracted, impaired, or tired can have slow reaction times and make unwise decisions.

Negligent Hiring or Training

Trucking companies often fail to adequately screen, train, and supervise their drivers, despite a tractor-trailer’s enormous threat to public safety. Trucking companies also often retain drivers who should be fired.

Failure to Inspect or Maintain the Truck

Trucking companies and drivers must use only well-maintained and safe vehicles.

Improper Loading

Cargo loading incorrectly can cause the trailer and the truck cab to roll over striking or creating an unavoidable hazard for an unsuspecting motorist.


A tractor-trailer’s size and weight make it harder to stop quickly and increase the risk of rolling over or jackknifing.

Lack of Safety Practices

Many trucking companies do not have or follow safety policies or federal and state regulations designed to make the roads safer. By not putting safety first, these companies endanger both their drivers and the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Cannella Snyder’s trucking cases are handled on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing out of pocket to retain the firm or for expenses incurred during the case. We get paid only if there is a recovery. If there is, we receive a percentage of the recovery and recoup the expenses we paid. At Cannella Snyder, there are no upfront costs or consultation fees. And if there is no recovery, you owe the firm nothing.

Contact us today to schedule a case consultation with one of our experienced trucking attorneys—at no cost or risk.